About Peggy

I love designing and producing creative & unique clothing for women. After working in the garment industry for 25 years I decided it was time to start my own business. Having the freedom to express my creative energy through fabric and clothing was my motivation for striking out on my own. I love textures in fabric & so started machine knitting which allows me to explore even more unique fabric & styling. Women should be able to express their individuality through their style and I love helping them do that. accomplish this.

Spring has Sprung

Spring really is just around the corner. Really! It is the time of year when we all start thinking about our spring and summer wardrobes.

As most of you know 22 Shades of Gray launched our Home Party division last year. I am having so much fun introducing my latest  fashions live and in person.

PinkShirtLet me share with you a couple of pictures from my most recent home party.

This  beautiful pink collage pullover is made from 100% Lycra. It sports a very unique form. One side is shirred up with a short sleeve and the other sleeve is long and tapered. It comes in a wide variety of colors. Easy to wear and easy to travel. Wash and dry and wear.

This little jacket is reminiscent of a 1930’s design and one of my most popular jackets. It sports a contrast back belt, lapels, cuffs, front pocket bands and bound button closure. It also has 3/4 length sleeves that allows you to  show off your beautiful jewelry.  Green JacketThese jackets are almost always one of a kind and can be worn in several different ways. With the cuffs rolled up or down, one lapel up or both lapels up with a broach closure. 

You can see how much fun these ladies are having modeling the beautiful designs  for themselves and each other. 

So, If you hate going to the mall and fighting the traffic and crowds why not  consider  having your own 22 Shades of Gray home party and seeing all of our  latest fashions in the comfort and ease of your own home. Just invite a  few of your friends and /or associates to your home and  make your own fun

If you would love to receive free clothing and have a lot of fun in the privacy of your own home contact me to find out how. Email me  @ 22shadesofgray@gmail.com

22 Shades of Gray is now bringing their latest fashion right to your home.

Hi Everyone,

Do you love fashion and free clothes?

If so, have your own private “Fashion Soirée. Invite a few of your friends to your home and let them be  the stars of your party.

22 Shades of Gray is now bringing it’s latest fashion to your front door.

Earn Fashion points for all of the garments purchased and parties booked  at your soiree and use them to purchase your personal favorite pieces.

You and your friends can have tons of fun playing dress up and modeling all your favorite styles. “22 Shades of Gray” 

Start your fashion show today by contacting Peggy Gray for full details:
22shadesofgray@gmail.com  Facebook: 22 Shades of Gray

Classic Summer

Well, I know you haven’t heard form me in a while but, it has been a classic summer for me (busy, busy, busy) and I am sure for you too.
Family visits are always fun and we have a lot of them. Right now my beautiful granddaughter Bella with mom and dad are here for a couple of weeks. Track on Sunday and Washington County fair on Tuesday.

Bella had her picture taken in a dress from my Rated PG children’s’ line. She loves the camera and the camera loves her.

Bella in pink handkerchief dress

Bella in pink handkerchief dress

My sister Sandy came to visit and made the mistake of checking out my latest designs. Two of them just looked so great on her she couldn’t  pass them up.

I love the pleated lavender tank on her.

Layered pleats in lavender

Layered pleats in lavender


She also bought a  dress  made from sweatshirt material and hand painted with the beautiful peacock image. She is planning to wear this with a turtleneck and leggings on our trip to Ireland in October. She will fit right in with the red hair. It will be a stunning outfit and from what I hear of the weather in Ireland it will be very appropriate.

Hand painted Peacock dress

As you can see I wasn’t kidding about being busy. Oh, I even managed to get in some sewing. Check out my website for all the new styles or call me and make an appointment to visit my studio.

Also if you are in the Saratoga area on Friday Aug. 23rd and 30th from 1:00 – 7:00 stop in at the Artisans market and see what we have for you. Located on Hi Rock Ave. There are a wide variety of Artisans at the market. Something for everyone.

I love to sew, more than that I love to create

Hand painted tank

An artistic update on an old standard.

Art has always been my passion. All through grade school into high school I thought I would become a professional artist but life happens and I needed to earn a living. There was a job opening in a local sewing factory where my mom worked. They were hiring and for the next  30 years I worked in the garment manufacturing industry as a piece work seamstress, sample maker, and quality control manager, all the while sewing for my own business part time.

I decided last year I wanted to get back to being more of an artist so, I made my part time business my full time business. A friend of mine paid me a great compliment when she said “Peggy is an artist with a sewing machine” I love that!

Today I want to share with you the beginning of my journey back to creating art  my way.

Step # 1 blue swirl paint. Looks like finger painting doesn't it.

Step # 1 blue swirl paint. Looks like finger painting doesn’t it?


This is fabric dye swirled into shaving cream.







Step # 2 Blue swirl paint captured on white knit t-shirt fabric

Step # 2 Blue swirl paint captured on white knit t-shirt fabric




I love how bright the colors come out.




To see some finished hand dyed garments garments click here….

Asymmetrical hand painted pullover

Asymmetrical hand painted pullover



Finished shades of blues swirl garment.






Shades of green hand painted pullover

Shades of green hand painted pullover

Swirls of greens, yellows and blues on white t-shirt knit. Trimmed with a beautiful sea green lycra knit.

Swirls of greens, yellows and blues on white t-shirt knit. Trimmed with a beautiful sea green Lycra knit on neckline, armholes, and hemline.



Cherry blossoms hand painted on silk shantung.

Cherry blossoms hand painted on silk shantung.








Last but definitely not least is this beautiful hand painted wrap kimono. I can only take credit for the sewing on this one artist Mary Frances Millet painted the beautiful Cherry Blossom design on lavender silk shantung.