Happy 4th of July

In honor of 4th of July Weekend I decided to offer a special on my most popular style shirts. These long asymmetrical shirts are great for those cool summer evenings over jeans, dress pants or leggings.

Wear them in the spring and fall as a jacket over a shell or tank. Dress them up for evening wear or day time casual.

Alabaster Pique

Alabaster Pique

Honey Linen

Honey Linen

Midnight Pique

Midnight Pique


Midnight and alabaster are made of light weight pique with a slight texture. The honey is 100% linen. All are machine washable & dry.

As always I have a limited supply:

Midnight 1 size Med. & 1 size xlrg. The Alabaster & Honey are available in sizes Small – Xlarg.

Sale price is $79.00 regularly $89. and free shipping available.

22 Shades of Gray is now bringing their latest fashion right to your home.

Hi Everyone,

Do you love fashion and free clothes?

If so, have your own private “Fashion Soirée. Invite a few of your friends to your home and let them be  the stars of your party.

22 Shades of Gray is now bringing it’s latest fashion to your front door.

Earn Fashion points for all of the garments purchased and parties booked  at your soiree and use them to purchase your personal favorite pieces.

You and your friends can have tons of fun playing dress up and modeling all your favorite styles. “22 Shades of Gray” 

Start your fashion show today by contacting Peggy Gray for full details:
22shadesofgray@gmail.com  Facebook: 22 Shades of Gray