About Peggy Gray

me@Melissa luncheon.JPGsmallPeggy Gray is the creative influence behind 22 Shades of Gray. Peggy started sewing at  the  age of 17 and never stopped. After years of working in the fashion industry she decided it was time to start her own business. She built a studio adjacent to her home in Buskirk, a beautiful country drive 20 minutes from everywhere. Peggy loves to combine different types of fabrics to create entirely new fabrics and textures. This allows her to create unique and one-of-a- kind garments. The additional purchase of knitting machines extended the possibilities of creativity.  She started selling her garments at local shows, through home parties, boutiques, on line and at her Buskirk studio.

Peggy’s second love is astrology. She has followed Astrology since she was a young girl, when it wasn’t cool. Peggy studied with a well respected area Astrologer and has practiced professionally for the pat 20 years. She has done thousands of charts in that time and has helped many people young and old find a richer and deeper meaning to their lives.

A few years ago (upon the suggestion of a trusted colleague) she decided to combine  her passions and they blended well. If you follow her blog you will see many examples of this.