Nashville on Nashville

This is for all of you fans of the hit tv show ” Nashville”.

Nashville (2012) tv show photo

My husband and I recently took our fourth trip to Nashville, Tn. Apparently, we love Nashville and country music.While there we never miss the Grand Old Opry. It is always a great show with great performances.

So, this last trip we were very pleasantly surprised to find out that two of the performers at the Opry  were two of the stars on the  hit TV show Nashville. Chris Carmack who plays Willl Lexington and Aubrey Peebles who plays his Layla Grant. They were fantastic in person even better than on the show. If you ever get a chance to go to the Opry in Nashiville I would strongly encourage you to not miss the Opry even if you are not a fan of country western music I know you will still enjoy the gifted artist that sing and play their music.

So I made myself a new wrap in a beautiful soft sweater knit in a great Navajo print to wear while we were  there in December. Of course just like the rest of the country it was unseasonably warm and I didn’t get to wear it until I got back to New York. Where it was still unseasonably warm but the two unseasonably warms are very different.

If you like this Navajo fabric and print inquire about owning one of your own or have it made into any of the beautiful wraps on my website.

To special order contact me @ or 518-686-4195

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